Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Newsletter's New Look

In the past year the e-mail newsletter has been growing, along with other things around the camp. With all kinds of new changes, News from Arrowhead is taking on a new format. It's my desire (as it always has been)to effectively keep in touch with YOU. The new format includes a hard copy newsletter (which you will receive five times a year by snail mail) and a soft copy (which you are currently reading). Why the change? I'm glad you asked. This new format will accomplish two things. First, the more informal information of the newsletter will be sent out in this News from Arrowhead BLOG. The Blog makes production much easier for me. This also means that you will receive the informal aspects of the newsletter more frequently. Things like: Ben's book of the month, the Baby Report, Ben's favorite Recipes, new prayer requests & praises, and much more. Secondly, the more formal information of the newsletter will arrive in the mail. Nothing beats getting a letter in the mail...that's just for YOU! Many of the formal aspects of the newsletter are repeated from week to week, and this new format will keep you up-to-date more efficiently.
Feel free to check out the blog any time you want. I will continue to send out an email with the link - that will take you directly to this blog.
GoodSearch for Arrowhead
I've got some Absolutely Great News from Arrowhead...and it involves YOU!
Arrowhead Bible Camp is now a verified "charity" on Goodsearch.com. That means
that everytime someone searches the internet using Goodsearch.com, Goodsearch
will donate $0.01 (one penny) to Arrowhead Bible Camp.
You probably have some questions. Let me try to answer them.

1. What is Goodsearch.com?
Goodsearch.com is an internet search engine (like google, yahoo, or hotbot)
2. What will this cost me?
Absolutely nothing. Goodsearch.com is the one who donates to Arrowhead...
but only when you use their search engine.

3. What do you mean ONE PENNY?
Step 1 - type in a search on Goodsearch.com
Step 2 - type in Arrowhead Bible Camp as your charity
Step 3 - Hit ENTER or CLICK your mouse
and Goodsearch.com donates one penny everytime you click.

4. How can ONE penny amount to anything?
Here's an example of what YOU can do with one penny
100 supporters search the internet just twice a day = $730/year
1,000 supporters search the internet just twice a day = $7300/year
That's just two clicks a day.

5. What Should I do now?
Step 1 - start using Goodsearch.com right away
Step 2 - make Goodsearch.com your homepage
Step 3 - email EVERYONE in your address book and tell them how they can help donate thousands of dollars to Arrowhead...with only a penny.
Step 4 - keep using Goodsearch.com
Yikes! It's pretty amazing what you can do with a penny.
I challenge you to send this email to everyone you know. When you do...if you forward this email, make sure to take out the "fw:" in the subject line (some people don't like forwards).
Let's see if we can raise $10,000 in 2007 through Goodsearch.com.

Christmas Pictures

Merry Christmas

Kelly, Natalie, and I headed home for the holidays. We spent a few days in Kurtistan and then a few days in Spring Grove. I love this time of the year. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's are a special time for us because we get to see our family. Nothing beats getting everyone together.
I know many of you will be sitting down together on Christmas morning to read the "Christmas story" from the Bible. This is certainly a great time to remember the birth of Jesus Christ - our Savior and King. I want to encourage each of you to continue with or begin the tradition of reading the account of Jesus' birth in Bethlehem.
I would venture to say that for most people, they only think about Jesus around Christmas...and they only think of a helpless baby who was born in a manger. Jesus was born into this world as a baby, in a manger, of a poor family. But there is much more to Jesus that we can not lose sight of, especially during the Christmas season. I also want to encourage and challenge each of you...to read and remember - that Jesus died on the cross for your sin and mine. Right now, Jesus sits in heaven at the right hand of God our Father - and He is our mighty King. Consider also reading a few other passages of scripture this Christmas season: Luke 23:20-46; Revelation 4:1-11, and 19:11-16. The baby who was born in the manger is also the sinless God-Man who died on the cross, and the Almighty King who rules forever over all things. Join me in praising Him this Christmas Season.

READ CAREFULLY - or you'll miss it.
Here's a little story that was created by Kelly's Dad (and a few other family members).


T'was the night before her arrival and all through the house,
Everything was placed up for survival, even cat and mouse.
The stockings were fastened with very large nails
In hopes that miss Natalie would not soon assail.
In the weeks until now, we've slept more than you'd think,

Knowing that soon, we'd not get a wink.

Grandma kept mumbling about monkeys and beds
And PopPop kept wondering about this woman he'd wed.

Out in the driveway a car now arrives
With little miss Natalie starpped up inside.
Mommy and Daddy are relieved to be done
With a four hour drive that wasn't much fun.

As she came in the house with her coat zipped up tight
They saw her "I'm a big sister" t-shirt, boy what a sight.
There was hugging and kissing, and all that good stuff,
As she thought to herself, why all the bug huff.

"Now Grandma, now PopPop, now Megan and Aaron,

Now cookies, now presents, we all will be sharin'.
She arrived just in time; so let the party begin,
Eat, drink and be merry, so lets all dig in.

Grandma was first, to get in on the act,
To bring out the presents adn that was a fact.
There were bikes, and toys that I never had seen,
Wrapped under the tree, tall and glistening.

We read the Christmas story of why it is true,
That Jesus came to this earth for me and for you.
That the gift that He gave, was the very best one
'Cause out of God's love He gave us His Son.

-That's right! Natalie is a Big Sister. Kelly is expecting another bundle of joy some time in August 2007. So get ready-the Baby Report is making a come back.

Thanks and Merry Christmas,