Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What Have You Been Up To?

Our winter retreat season is just around the corner.  Even though it has been quiet at camp for a few weeks we have been busy.  As 2014 comes to a close we have been blessed to be able to tackle a bunch of great projects to renovate and enhance the camp.  Here's a quick list of what we have been up to:

1. New carpet and walk off rugs in the entryway.
2. A new boiler and water heater for the main building.
3. A new furnace for the gymnasium.
4. We painted the entryway, stairwells and steps to the bays.
5. A new counter top and setup for the drink counter in the dining room.
6. We painted the bathrooms.
7. Renovations to the guys bathroom counter top and sink area.
8. New shower faucets in the guys and gals bathrooms.
9. We painted and reorganized the kitchen.
10. Purchase of 9 Square in the Air - a new large group game in the gym.
11. Installation of over 150 feet of new baseboard heat.
12. Seven new directional camp signs at key locations on the way to camp.

And all of the normal winter stuff like... winterizing buildings, shoveling snow, building an ice rink, visiting churches, speaking engagements, sending out our 2015 registration forms and painting some more.

We have also been busy preparing for two very special events for 2015.  We are fundraising for brand new mattresses in the bays with our first ever Sleepy 5k.  By this summer, all of our campers, staff, volunteers and guests will be sleeping on brand new mattresses!  We are also introducing a new week of Shepherds Camp - Shepherds Camp Family Week.  SCFW will provide families with care support, times of respite and the opportunity of getting away together as a family!

Check out SCFW and the Sleepy 5k on our website.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Video: Christmas Gathering 2014

Thanks to all of our campers and staff who joined us for our 2014 Christmas Gathering.  We had a blast watching a movie, making crafts and munching on some homemade goodies.