Thursday, September 20, 2007

Do You Buddy Walk?

"Let's Go!"

But, if you can't go..."Let's Pray!"

Next weekend is the 10th annual Buddy Walk of Binghamton. The Buddy Walk is an awareness event for Downs Syndrome. This is a fantastic nation wide event that has a GREAT turnout here in Binghamton. This year's Buddy Walk is being held at the Ross Park Zoo - less than 10 minutes away from camp. If you can not come out to the walk I would be grateful for your prayers. Shepherds Camp (myself and some staff) will have a booth at the Buddy Walk and our goal is to meet tons of new friends who live right in our community.

Last year's Buddy Walk (with poor weather) attracted 700 people who walked to raise awareness for Downs Syndrome. This year they are hoping to have OVER 1,000 people. Wow! What an amazing opportunity to INVEST in our community. Please pray for us and the IMPACT we can have at this event and in the lives of individuals who respond to the invitation to attend camp.