Sunday, May 9, 2010

Work'n for the Weekend

This weekend a work group of students from Calvary Baptist in Reading came to camp. They spent two days getting camp ready for the summer and working on some special projects.  The students worked hard and we completed all the projects and tasks on the list.  Friday was a perfect day and Saturday's rainy forecast turned into sun for us.  It rained and thunder-stormed all night and into Saturday morning.  The rain stopped just before we started working for the day and the sun warmed things up nicely.  And then... we woke up to a good dusting of snow on Sunday morning.

Here are some stats from the weekend:

Created 200 sq. ft. of garden beds
Install 92 feet of split rail fence
Turned a 168 sq. ft. garden into a 2,016 sq. ft. garden

Removed 900 sq. ft. of sod
Installed over 10 tons of crusher dust

Prepared 25 buildings for summer use

Grounds clean up and landscaping across 8 acres

Over 300 hrs. = 2 months of work

Check out more pictures at: Work Weekend Slideshow