Monday, April 12, 2010

What To Do...

Cardboard boxes have a plethora of aftermarket uses.  Most people mindlessly skip over the obvious and run straight for the exotic, like:

1. Burn barrel starter material.
2. Garage floor covering for oil spills.
3. Packing material for shipping your friends presents.
4. Makeshift dust pans for large floor junk in the garage.
5. Storm window coverings.
6. Broken car window replacements.
7. Coloring material for the kids.
8. Project material for the kids and their friends and their friends...
9. Backing for paper note pads.
10. Garage notes for measuring, drawing or figuring something so you don't have to back into the house to find a note pad and pencil.
11. To use for your outside burn barrel cover, to set on the grass so the hot lid won't burn the grass.
12. Patterns for things.
13. Garage trash holders.
14. Use extra 123's to hold your movies in,
15. Use them for bookshelves or CD holders.
16. Sock drawer separator walls.
17. Place-mats for the table when kids are doing home projects.
18. Fan to restart your burn barrel fire.
19. Computer mouse pads.
20. Wind protector for the beach.
21. Cut & line with foil and create a sun tan shield for your face.
22. Inside cupboard lining.
23. Silverware drawer separators.
24. Mudroom flooring.
25. Recycle.
26. Kids play houses.
27. Play houses for your cats.
28. Tear up for a compost pile or a worm bed.
29. Donate to a local cardboard drive.

But there are some cardboard boxes whose destinies are as clear the nose on the end of your face.  Some boxes were born to be forts.

In this case, a gigantic 3 piece box which originally carried five foot round tables is now being employeed as a luxurious 19.6 square foot condo in Natalie's playroom.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Pathway: Naturalists

Naturalists are people who love to worship God out doors. "Creation gives them amazing opportunities where they "visualize scriptural truths, they see God more clearly, and they learn to rest."

"... I learned another valuable lesson by being out-of-doors: God's beauty isn't limited. Low different this is, I thought as I stood in God's cathedral, from 'Hollywood-beauty' where all the leading women need the same color of hair and roughly the same shape of body and the men need to craft a certain physique and master the same gnarling scowl.
I caught just a flashing glimpse of the difference between an infinite God and finite men and women. The glimpse was too sudden to hold on to, but strong enough to humble me under my limitations and encourage me with God's great possibilities."

"You will find more laboring in the woods than you ever will among books. Woods and stones will teach you what you can never hear from any master."
- Bernard of Clairvaux

Post: Pathway: Naturalists - from Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas