Thursday, August 11, 2016

Where Did the Time Go?

"Lights Out and Good Night" to quote one of our campers who loves praying to close out evening chapel.

We started with Staff Training back in May and tomorrow is the last day... 12 weeks summer!  This photo encapsulates that "Week 12" feeling...

ITS BUSY. We certainly weren't sitting on our hands the whole time.  Camp is hard work.  Shepherds Camp is very hard work.  And we like hard work.

ITS FUN.  Who else gets to have over 100 people staying at their place for 3 months.  To us, the 24/7 camp lifestyle is fun.  (Note the counselor dead center in the photo who looks like he's letting out a big yell)

IT'S BLURRY.  After three months of ministry and pushing hard to finish strong, the whole thing feels a little blurry.

IT'S COLORFUL.  Camp is one of the most dynamic ministries I have ever experienced (Yes, I am biased).  There is never a dull moment.

IT'S CRAZY.  It's crazy how fast 3 months flies by.  It's crazy how a group of 40 college students, high schoolers and twenty-somethings (I'll just lump myself in that group) can become a family.  It's crazy that God would be pleased to use a guy like me and people like us for His kingdom work.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Would you look at that!

"Wow, that is cool!"

"Thanks! We like our new Picnic & Recreation Pavilion too.  So do our friends over at Arctic Bear who stopped by to volunteer with Special Olympics for Bocce Night."

Water Games are Rigged

Well... I submitted to the chanting and joined my guys on the dock for water games.  I really thought the counselors and campers would be okay with one of us coming out of this dry.  In hopes that it would be me... I kept my socks, shoes and hat on.

And, I was the first to get it.  But, Tony and Tyler weren't far behind.

Bocce Night 2016

Had a few Special Olympics friends over the other night.  The only thing more perfect than the weather was all the people who made Bocce Night a fantastic sporting event for Shepherds Camp - Session 3.