Thursday, July 17, 2008

Missions Trip to Arrowhead

The summer is moving right along. At least it feels that way now. Our first Shepherds Camp session (two weeks long) was...crazy, fun, tough, long, exhausting, dependent, successful, stretching, demanding, beautiful, eye-opening, and a GREAT BLESSING. We had 70 campers and 40 staff members. We also had a missions team from Calvary Bible Church of Hanover. It was exciting to see 14 people hop out of the van ready to SERVE and make an IMPACT. They did a great job ministering to our staff and the campers. Not only did they immerse themselves in the program, they also tackled a hefty remodeling project. Seen below is our - completely redone Long Cabin. It has NEW walls, ceilings, electrical wiring, bathroom fixtures, doors, windows, exterior paint, painted floors, bunks, and furniture!

The Calvary team was here for the second week of the session - which turned out to be a VERY difficult week...for everyone. Besides having a full program with tons of staff, a 24 stomach bug jumped from person to person. Most of the Calvary team became ill towards the end of the trip. It was definitely NOT an expected part of their impact here at camp. However, they served well, worked hard, and completed their objectives as a team. God hasn't promised us easy sailing BUT, He has promised us everything we need for life and godliness.

The Long Cabin looks GREAT and he staff and campers LOVED having this special missions team that came to Shepherds Camp just for them.

Revised Update

This is the first book I read as a young follow of Christ. I didn't know much about the Bible and I didn't know anything about who I was in Christ. BUT, I had just begun an intense discipleship relationship with my Youth Pastor and he asked me to read the first chapter.
I remember being so excited. As soon as I got home I broke it open and ate up that first chapter...with at least four different colored highlighters. Looking back at my copy, which still sits tall on my book shelf at home, I highlighted the whole chapter!

I recommend this to ANYONE and EVERYONE. I don't care who you are, how mature you are, how spiritual you are, how wise you are, or how much you don't like to read. I especially recommend it to anyone who is a new believer.

This book is a GREAT resource for anyone who desires to make disciples. Anderson and Park do a wonderful job of explaining our IDENTITY in CHRIST. The book is full of scripture, which makes for a tangible mind-to-heart connection for the reader.

This book will give you a great foundation for following Jesus.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

We're in Full Swing!

Our first week of Shepherds Camp has begun and we are in full swing.

This is SUMMER...
#63 for Arrowhead Bible Camp.
#46 for the Shepherds Camp Program.
#8 for Kelly and I
#3 for Natalie (who turns 3 on July 11th!)

This week we have:
65 Campers
15 Counselors
3 Co-Counselors
7 Program Staff
11 Service Staff
6 Leadership Staff

Our youngest camper is: 23
Our oldest campers is: 88