Monday, July 18, 2011

You Can't Miss'em

Sitting just got a whole lot easier.

The new bleachers have been assembled and are in place.  They are a tremendously visible addition to our program activity areas here at Arrowhead.  One set of bleachers overlooks the brand new Bocce Ball courts while the other fits perfectly by the ball field for a great view of camper games.

Now all we need are some of those giant foam fingers that say, “Arrowhead” on them.  Someone even suggested a t-shirt canon for the Bocce Tournaments or camper/counselor kickball.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

What you see, what you don't see!

What you see:

Our brand new top of the line Bocce Ball courts are a tremendous addition to the recreational programming here at Arrowhead.   The new courts are Olympic size made with 6”x6” boards on a level pad of crusher dust.  Each court is also handicapped accessible.  The new courts continue to be one of our campers’ favorites and they make a big statement as you pull in the camp driveway.

What you don’t see:

In just a few days two huge sets of bleachers will be arriving at camp.  One set will be installed at the ball field.  The other set will be installed next to our new Bocce Ball courts!  We are excited to see the huge impact these new bleachers will have on the safety and enjoyment of our recreational program areas which are a big part of Shepherds Camp and our partnership with the Special Olympics.  We are grateful for the funds granted to us by The George A. and Margaret Mee Charitable Foundation which has allowed us to fully purchase and install both sets of bleachers.