Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shepherds Spring Retreat

We just finished up our Shepherds Camp Spring Retreat. In the blink of an eye... just as quick as everyone arrived, all the hustle and bustle is over and the camp is quiet again.

It was a GREAT weekend with over 40 campers in attendance. Altogether we had just over 30 staff members including counselors, co-counselors, program staff, kitchen CREW, volunteers, returning staff and new staff. The weather was almost unbearably summer like reaching 70 degrees on Saturday. The best part of the retreat was reuniting as a staff and reconnecting with our campers. It was great to see some of our new staff that will be serving with us this summer make the trip to be a part of the retreat. Alongside our classic camp activities - crafts, Bible & Music, Chapel, and games we also got to go on Hayrides on Saturday. Overall the retreat was rather uneventful. Nothing crazy happened with the campers and our staff seemed far from overloaded.

Another exciting part of the weekend was a small Serve Crew from Hanover (where Kelly and I grew up). Kevin, Jim, Jill, Lois and Howard came up to camp for the weekend to serve in a variety of ways. Lois was our camp nurse for the weekend. Without her we would not have been able to have the retreat. "Thank you so much Lois!" Jill took care of some much needed landscaping around the camp and served in the dining room. "Thanks Jill. The grounds look sharp and you were an encouragement & blessing to the kitchen CREW." The guys were able to build a shelter for lake in just one day. From the ground up they grabbed all the lumber, made a design from my simple explanation and hand gestures, constructed flooring, walls and roofing. Then they transported the shelter to the lake front, assembled the pieces and doctored some old barn boards into siding with great character. The SHELTER is an intentional space for our staff. It will be utilized year round (mostly in the warmer months) as a place at camp where our staff can "escape" the sights and sounds of camp to intentionally carve out space and time to be with God. Whether it is watching the run rise, sitting quietly to mediate on scripture, taking a much needed nap or praying with a small group - the guys intentionally created "the space" that will help our staff as we disciple them to intentionally create "the time". "Thanks guys. The SHELTER is going to be a great place of worship for our staff."

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

James Project - weekend

A few weeks ago we had the privilege of partnering with Crossings Community Church from southern PA. They came up to camp over a weekend to serve as a James Project Group. The James Project continues to have a huge IMPACT on Arrowhead and each of the James Project groups that come to serve. For camp, it was a refreshing opportunity to partner with like-minded ministry leaders who desire to make disciples. It was also an exciting opportunity for us to come alongside them to equip, encourage and disciple their group. And of course, it provided leaders and students with the opportunity to serve one of our guest groups that was on retreat for the weekend.

For each James Project group, serving for a weekend or a week presents them with the opportunity to serve God by serving others AND to complete their own objectives as a group. James Project groups come to WORSHIP - to dedicate themselves and sacrifice their time, energy and money as the serve. James Project group leaders utilize their time as a group to grow, build unity, study the Bible, work hard, h
ave fun and find time & space with God. As they leave camp their experience as a James Project group follows them back home as they continue to make disciples. Crossings had a great weekend - building unity, challenging their students and serving the guest group. We are grateful for their sacrifice and dedication as they served diligently here at camp.