Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How to Build an Ice Rink

[Note: click on pictures to enlarge]

Step One: Remove snow and debris to clear a space for
the ice rink.

Step Two: Select a border/edge material for the ice rink
(i.e. logs or pipe).

Step Three: Construct a raised perimeter for
the ice rink.
Preferably no larger than your ice membrane (plastic).

Step Four:
Unroll the ice membrane checking to make
sure it will fit the dimensions of the raised

Step Five: Stretch the ice membrane from edge to edge
and end to end, wrapping the ice membrane over and
under the outside of the raised perimeter material.

Step Six: Fill/cover the ice membrane with
snow and
water. Make sure to stretch the ice membrane as is fills
to ensure there are no air bubbles or raised flaps in the
ice membrane.

Step Seven: Using the snow that was cleared from the
site, pack the snow on and around
the raised perimeter
to create a protective layer until the water freezes.

Eight: Fill/cover the ice membrane until water
reaches the upper level of the raised membrane. Wait
until the water has completely frozen.
Enjoy... your
brand new, homemade ICE RINK!
(note: picture taken 1.31.08 - used here to show full ice rink effect)

It's Wednesday night... conditions are perfect.
There's nothing on TV...
Conditions are perfect... to freeze an ice rink.

The MALAGARI - MAY - RHOADS Memorial Ice Rink

Well, it's been a long journey but the plastic is finally here. A BIG thank you to everyone who made it possible. I appreciate the availability, energy and time that you gave to this task. Each year I cringe at the receipt when I purchase that piece of plastic from the local agricultural store.

Here is the abbreviated delivery schedule:
1. Plastic purchase from ebay (seller in Philadelphia)
2. Plastic pick up direct from ebay seller.
3. Plastic transport to Binghamton, NY is canceled due to insufficient cargo space. Package too large.
4. Plastic transport to Binghamton, NY (second attempt) is canceled due to insufficient cargo space. Passenger overload. No space for package.
5. Plastic transport to Binghamton, NY is re-routed. New destination: Lancaster, PA.
6. Plastic transport to Lancaster, PA delayed. Driver unavailable.
7. Plastic transport to Lancaster, PA delayed. Pick up point is closed.
8. Plastic transport to Lancaster, PA on schedule. Delivery to Lancaster, PA is complete.
9. Plastic transport to Brackney, PA on schedule. Same day delivery to Brackney, PA is complete.

Route info:
Date of purchase - 12.17.08
Date of Delivery - 1.9.09

That was a crazy 3 1/2 weeks. BUT... the plastic is here and so are the cold temperatures.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Solitude & Silence

This past week we had our New Year's party with friends and family from southern PA. This was our 3rd year in a row and we've got the routine down to a science. Our friends filter in one by one and hunker down for a few days of rest and relaxation. We have a huge feast of pizza, wings, shrimp and snacks for New Year's Eve. We run around outside at camp and make trips to the YMCA during the day. We play games, watch movies and talk right into the morning hours. There's a mixture of earlier risers. Some of us are awake and ready for breakfast each day, while others are awake and ready for lunch. We've got some pretty good cooks and bakers in the bunch so there's never a shortage of homemade desserts, breakfast baked goods, soups and snack foods. We're so very thankful for a great group of friends that have been together for a little over 10 years now. It has been a blessing to walk along side each other through high school, college, weddings, children being born, ministry positions and career paths. We are grateful for the ways God this crew to encourage, challenge, care for and support each other. Thanks everyone.

My brother-in-law Aaron came up a few days before the New Year's festivities began. He spent a day and a half out at the Cabin as a personal retreat. Aaron spent time in prayer, reading scripture, in silence, reading The Critical Journey and resting. The progression of his time at the cabin revolved around a series of reflections designed specifically for this personal retreat.

Check out Aaron's comments on the retreat at:

I'm excited to see the Cabin fulfill its purpose of providing an accessible space that is intentionally available for spiritual formation and renewal. It is a quick trip from camp with easy set up and it is also surprisingly quiet. This spring I am looking forward to some new renovations to the cabin and developing the trail system on the property. As the Cabin continues to be utilized I am formulating resources and guides for personal and small group retreats ranging from several hours to several days. I would love to share and discuss any personal retreat resources you have used. You can email them to: abc@arrowheadministry.org.