Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Those Poor NY Kids.

Tuesday morning we woke up to several inches of snow... which accumulated on Tuesday evening to just over 6". It was a wonderful surprise, especially for Natalie. She immediate exclaimed, "Daddy it's snowing, we can go ice skating!" Of course, we didn't find any ice so we settled for building a snowman in the back yard. It was that heavy wet snow too... the kind that makes a massive snowball in less than 10 feet, leaving a trail of exposed grass behind it.

An early morning trip to town on Tuesday allowed me to see just how "weird" our overnight snow storm was. five minutes north of camp on the way to town there was nothing. The ground was just as bear as the day before... just wet now from all the RAIN! I couldn't believe it. A few miles back it was virtually a blizzard with heavy snow and high winds. People were staring at my car which had about three inches of snow glued to it.

From watching the news we found out that PA schools were closed from snow, high winds, fallen trees and downed power lines; while NY school kids braved the rain to get to class. At best it will only amount to a few days of "snow day bragging rights" with temperatures in the high 50's predicted for Friday.

A Fall Day Off

Monday was a great day off after a big weekend with the Shepherds Fall Retreat. We had a great day - hanging out, playing games, sharing all of our meals together. We also went up the road to the local apple farm. Their trees were all picked through but they did have a few bins of apples just outside their store front. Even though we were geared up for walking around picking from trees, picking from bins was an easy change of plans... especially on my day off. After purchasing our apples we poked around looking at their animals (3 goats and a chicken) and playing in their hay maze. It was simple, fun, and FREE. It was stacking up to be a really good day off.

I spent the afternoon reading a book while Natalie napped. Then we busted out the pumpkins for our annual pumpkin carving.

We talked about what kind of faces to draw on our pumpkins, then we tried some designs on paper to figure out exactly what we wanted. As I was drawing the face on the big pumpkin Natalie with a cute smile casually said, "Daddy you can pull out the seeds, I'm not going to put my hand in the pumpkin." Kelly and I looked at each other in amazement. We purposefully hadn't mentioned anything about reaching inside the pumpkin. Last year we had Natalie try it and she absolutely hated the whole experience. Apparently it left a lasting impression.

Natalie did put her hand in the pumpkin to help pull out the seeds and the goo, but now until we gave her a vinyl glove.

Nontheless we had a great time with the pumpkins. I also experimented with a new method of carving. I used my Dewalt 18v roto-zip. It was a little too effective. It made carving extremely easy, but it also liquefied the pumpkin spraying it here and there. All said and done though - we ohhhed and ahhhed at the final products all lit up.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Camp's New Website!

Arrowhead has a brand new look to the website. It's a better layout for the camp multi-camp structure AND it now has lots of pictures and videos. Here are some helpful links to the main page and other specific Arrowhead pages. Check it out!

Arrowhead Camping Ministries

Arrowhead Bible Camp

Shepherds Camp

Day Camp

The James Project

Sunday, October 12, 2008

DAY CAMP 2009!

2 Weeks of Day Camp!

That's right... we are expanding our Day Camp program for kids. This past summer we had over 100 kids each day for our one week program. God graciously provided and we were able to offer our Day Camp for FREE! It really was the "Camp for Every Kid."

It has been three months since that crazy week in July. Literally, moms and dads have been asking about Day Camp because their kids are still talking about the summer. As we look forward to this summer, with God's leading we are expanding the program.

This summer we will be offering 2 WEEKS of DAY CAMP!

Our vision is to continue to grow as the "Camp for Every Kid." We are also passionate about making BOTH weeks FREE! We would love to have you join us... make an impact by investing in our Day Camp for kids. You can be a vital part this "community based" ministry that brings kids to Arrowhead for a week to IMPACT them with the Word of God AND then sends them back into the community to be discipled, cared for, and loved year-round, by other ministries in our community who are like-minded and have the same passion to make disciples.

The James Project - Video

Here's an introduction to the James Project:


The James Project is our NEW summer ministry for 2009.

This past summer we had several different groups that came to make an IMPACT here at Arrowhead. They each came for one week to serve in the kitchen, complete major projects, or work with our programs. They brought care packages for the counseling staff, remodeled rooms, renovated cabins, served in the kitchen, prepared special dietary meals, worked on landscaping, and ministered to campers alongside our program staff. Not only did they make a HUGE impact on the camp, our staff and our campers; but the experience of serving at Arrowhead made a HUGE impact on them. Multi-generational teams, small groups from student ministries, Moms, Dad's and their kids - dedicated themselves to serving God by serving others. They sacrificed their time, energy, money, and abilities as worship to God... which He used to impact lives AND to impact them.

This summer we are inviting groups just like these to camp each week to serve: in the kitchen, with our campers, and around the camp.

Our PASSION - is to partner with churches, families, student ministries, small groups, and individuals to impact lives with the truth of God's Word and make disciples like Jesus.

Our VISION - is for James Project groups to make an impact on the front lines, while discipling and investing in their students, team members, small group or family.

We've got a crazy summer ahead of us and I would love to talk to you about being a part of the James Project. Would you're church or student ministry be interested in this local missions trip to Arrowhead? How about your family? Our goal is to have at least one week dedicated to families who will serve together as a James Project group. You can set the tone for serving your students in fall. Build team unity or connect as a leadership team. Serve and grow as a family while discipling your children. Challenge your students to love and serve other like Jesus.

Give me a call or shoot me an email with any questions or ideas.
Ben Myers, 570.663.2419