Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Night Rider

All week Natalie has been asking to go on a hayride...just her and I. She tells anyone she talks to on the phone that she is going on a hayride.

So...the other day I got the tractor out to drive the camp road in an effort to break up the ice that had just started to soften. However, by the time I got things settled in the camp office and had the tire chains in was dark. But that was no reason to cancel the "night ride" as we dubbed it. Down the driveway, all the way to the mailboxes, and back again. As we left camp Natalie's first questions was, "Can we see the llamas and horses down the road?" After explaining that it was too dark she realized the error of your question. On the plus side though we did see Christmas lights on the neighbor's house at the end of the road. Nothing screams "Merry Christmas!" like blue icicle lights.

Here's Natalie and I on our Night Ride.

Ducks and Tigers and Bears...Oh My!

As many of you know Kelly and I were with McKenna at University Hospital in Syracuse for the whole month of November. We are so very grateful to be back home as a family to enjoy the time we have with McKenna. Our goal is to continue caring for her, keeping her as healthy as possible...which as you can see, is going pretty well. Kelly and I will be sending out family updates from two sources.

1) This blog

2) McKenna's "Care Page" at

You will need to sign in (create an account - which is free and safe). Then you can visit McKenna's care page any time you would like and when we make updates to the care page you will receive an email automatically.
McKenna's Care Page is listed under "McKenna Joy".