Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"challenged, inspired and changed"

Winter is officially a month away… but we are thinking about Summer 2012 and the James Project.  Groups are already signing up.  We are excited for the huge impact they will have serving here at Arrowhead AND the impact Arrowhead will have on their lives.

Here’s what TLA had to say about their week as a James Project group this past summer:

“The summer did not slow down as we then hit the road with our team of 5-Level Leadership Athletes for New York to serve as staff members in a week long program for mentally and physically disabled individuals at Arrowhead Bible Camp (June 20-24).  I can honestly say this week challenged, inspired and changed all of us in ways that none of us expected as we learned the true meaning of terms such as love, servanthood, and friendship.  Bonds were formed with the campers and within our team that made it very difficult to leave with the common statement from the athletes in attendance being, ‘This was the most impactful week of my life… I’ll never be the same!’”.

Check out our new James Project video on the website media page.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Arrowhead's New Look


We are anticipating a big year of ministry in 2012.  We will be kick starting the new year with the unveiling of our new logo.  Stay tuned to the blog and our website to see Arrowhead’s new look.