Sunday, October 8, 2017

Impact Story: Staff Housing

Spe-cial Ops
     /speSHəl  äps/

     1. a camp project which requires a particular skill or set of skills to complete.
     2. a project or projects completed by the investment of skilled volunteers, causing greater momentum, efficiency and effectiveness in accomplishing our mission and realizing our vision.
     "After serving as part of a James Project group this summer, he came up for the weekend to build a deck.  What a great Special Ops project that honors our staff and enhances the new roof that was put on back in the spring."

     1. serving at camp as a lone volunteer or small group of volunteers.
     2. a trip to camp which is predicated by a specific project or task.
     "We are grateful for all the Special Ops volunteers who invest their time, energy and talent to serve at camp.  We couldn't do it without them.  It's a privilege to partner together to make camp great."

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